Full Name Yama
Aliases Yasha-ō
King Yasha
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Known Relatives Rasetsu (Younger Brother)
Shara (Sister in-law)
Ashura (Adoptive Son, Lover)
  • Yama Clan (Former)
  • Heaven (Former)
  • Six Stars
Additional Information
Title King of the Night and Undeworld (TRC)
The Strongest Swordsman on Heaven
Rank King
Leader (Former)
General (Former)
Occupation General of the North (Former)
Member of Six Stars
Real World
First Appearance "The Resurrection of Ashura"
Last Appearance "Twin Castles in Flames and Thunder II"
Created by CLAMP
Voiced by Show Hayami (Japanese); Scottie Ray (CPM dub), Linus Roache (Manga UK dub) (English)

Yasha-ō (夜叉王 Yasha-Ō?) was the Head of the Yasha clan and one of the strongest warriors in Tenkai, Yasha-ō serves as the bushinshō of the north. Wanting to fulfil the prophecy of his friend Kuy-ō the stargazer, he woke Ashura and became his protector even though she had also predicted that Ashura would kill him and knowing that this act of rebellion would anger Taishakuten. As a result of his not giving Ashura over to Taishakuten, his entire clan was declared renegade and slaughtered by Bishamonten.

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When Yasha-ō was still a child, Ashura-ō (knowing that Yasha was the one who would awaken Ashura) asked him what he would do if the most important person in the world to him was fated to bring him disaster. Yasha replied that he would "protect him". Ashura-ō then told him to become strong so in future he will be able to protect the person that he treasures above all others. His real name is Yama, having taken the name of Yasha-ō when he became the leader of his tribe. He has a younger brother named Rasetsu who was later killed by Koumoku-ten.

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Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle Edit

Another incarnation of Yasha-ō also appears in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle as the king of the Yama clan who war with the Shura clan. He fell in love with King Ashura but was killed by a deadly disease. One of Sakura's feathers resurrected him until Ashura found the courage to return it to her.

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