Shashi (InfoBox)


Full Name Shashi

Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Known Relatives Kaara (Twin Sister)
Ashura-ō (Husband, Decased)
Taishakuten (Husband)
Tennou (Son)
Ashura ( Son)

Ashura Clan (Former)

Additional Information
Title Empress of the Heaven (Former)
Rank Queen (Former)
Priestess (Former)
Occupation Empress (Former)
Guardian of Shurato (Former)
Shashi is a human being and twin sister of Kaara. Along with Kaara, she is allowed to live with the Gods and share their power as they are mikos. Unlike the other one, Shashi is smart yet wicked and has ambition to be the Empress. Though married to Ashura-ō, she committed adultery with Taishakuten and helped him slaughter the Ashura clan, her own clan, as she knew it "just like her face". When Taishakuten got the title of Emperor, she became the Empress. It is later revealed that Taishakuten wanted her close to keep a watch on the sword Shurato, of which she has a seal on her forehead. She gave birth to the twin Tenou and Ashura, which she killed off the later because he's of Ashura's bloodline. She denied her own son Ashura till the very end, which led to Ashura killing her in his rage becoming the God of Destruction.

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In the very beginning, Shashi was only a Priestess for Ashura-ō along with her sister Kaara but well, it seems like being a priesstess for the great warlord wasn't good enough. So later she got married to Ashura-ou and became his wife. But it still wasn't good enough for her, so during the Holy War, she helped Taishakuten in his rebellion by telling Taishakuten all the secrets of the Ashura clan so he could win. She betrayed Ashura-ou and his whole clan, which was why they all got wiped out. She became Taishakuten's wife, "Empress" Shashi. Shashi gave birth to twins, one being Taishakuten's son and the other being a child of the Ashura clan, Ashura-ou's child. So she tries to kill her own child Ashura with her own hands.

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