Ryuu (InfoBox)


Full Name Naga
Aliases Ryū-ō
Gender Male
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Black
Known Relatives Ryū-ō (Mother)
Hyakuryuu (Cousin)
Seiryu (Cousin)
Additional Information
Title King of Dragon Tribe
General of the West
Rank King (Former)
Leader (Former)
General (Former)
Occupation King (Former)
Leader (Former)
General (Former)
Real World
First Appearance "The Resurrection of Ashura"
Last Appearance "Twin Castles in Flames and Thunder I"
Voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanese); Ted Lewis (English)

Ryū-ō (龍王 Ryū-Ō?) The young king of the dragon tribe of the west, Ryū-ō reluctantly inherited the throne since his grandfather was too sick to continue ruling.

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He joined Yasha-ō, Ashura, and Sōma after they accidentally ended up in his kingdom, in the hopes of getting a chance to fight against Yasha-ō, the strongest warrior in Heaven. Ryū-ō wields the Ryū clan's king's sword Ryūga-tō (Dragon Fang sword) that controls water and can smash rocks despite being entirely blunt. When revealed to be one of the Six Stars, he decides to stick with the others despite the risk to his clan, even though he is the only one not holding a personal grudge against Taishaku-ten. He is killed by the true Ashura right after the latter awakens. His real name is Naga, having taken on the name of Ryū-ō when he became the leader of his tribe.

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Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle Edit

In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, two alternate versions of Ryū-ō appear: as an Oni hunter partnering Sōma in the world of Outo and also as a racer in Piffle World. In the anime, he becomes good friends with the main character Syaoran in both versions.