Kuyou 2722


Full Name Kuyou

Gender Female
Hair Color White
Known Relatives Hanranya (Twin Sister)

Heaven (Former)

Additional Information
Title Blind Stargazer (Former)
Rank Head Priestess (Former)
Occupation Stargazer (Former)
Real World
First Appearance "The Resurrection of Ashura"
Last Appearance "Storm of the Six Stars Part I"
Created by CLAMP
Voiced by Mika Doi (Japanese); Suzy Prue (English)
Kuyou (九曜 Kuyō) is the blind stargazer/head priestess of Heaven during the reign of the previous emperor. She was in love with Ashura-ō and told him the original prophecy about his son's fate. After Taishakuten takes over, she is imprisoned because she refuses to serve him. At the beginning of the manga, she has managed to flee and hides in her old temple, where Yasha finds her. As Ashura-ō had requested of her, she tells him the prophecy. This causes him to leave in search of Ashura. While he is gone, Bishamonten finds her and kills her by impaling her to the temple wall with her staff.

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