Kisshouten 3640


Full Name Kisshouten

Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Known Relatives Bishamonten (Husband)
Tentei (Father)
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Kujaku (Half Older Brother)
Sonseiō (Aunt)


Additional Information
Rank Princess

Kisshouten (吉祥天 Kisshōten?) Kisshouten is the wife of Bishamonten and daughter of the previous emperor and an unnamed, unseen mother. Despite that Bishamonten wins her by conquest, she is legitimately in love with him and has apparently been so from even before he betrayed her father for Taishakuten. She is kind and gentle as well as moderately powerful, being able to command a modicum of magic to scry in a large mirror in her palace. She has also housed Sōma as a servant for many years as a favor for Kendappa-ō. She has no love for Taishakuten and so assists the six stars whenever she has the opportunity. Taishakuten does not like her either, but allows her to live as long as Bishamonten serves him. When Bishamonten dies, Kisshouten runs to his side and Taishakuten mocks her for her ignorance of her husband’s devotion and her knowledge of her father’s sins before cutting her down. She bleeds to death beside Bishamonten’s body.

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